Latest update installed in wrong directory?

Today I installed the latest version of Custom Sidebars Pro, using the “automatic update” link in the dashboard.

When I did this, Custom Sidebars Pro disappeared from all of my sites using this plugin. The directory “/custom-sidebars/” disappeared from my wp-content/plugins directory, so every site using this plugin said the plugin was deactivated because no file was found at custom-sidebars/customsidebars.php .

However, when I searched the list of installed plugins, I found Custom Sidebars was there. A little sleuthing and I found that for some reason, the update did the following:

– deleted the directory plugins/custom-sidebars/ and its contents

– installed the new version of the plugin to plugins/popover/

Why did this happen? I evaluated popover a few weeks ago, but deleted the plugin. Nothing appears to be in the /popover/ directory except files related to custom sidebars pro.

Until I can figure out what happened and how to prevent this in the future, I’m reluctant to update any wpmudev plugins on my production site— determining what sites were previously using this plugin wasn’t an easy task.

Kind regards,