The client is asking the following question: I want them to be able to go to that week lesson and or quiz test. So how do I proceed to start putting that content up. What do you think if a student logs in, say to the 100 hour program, There will be 10 lessons for that course. Should that “Course” page have a button for each lesson and they have access then to each lesson individually? But I don’t want them to jump ahead and read lesson 8 when they should be on say 3. And I want to impose a quiz after every 4 lessons. How do I do that? The 100 hour course will have 2 quizzes and one final exam.

I want to know what is the is the best way to accomplish all of this. I am pretty sure that the student can’t skip ahead, but just want to be sure that I set things up the way the client wants it.