Like button doesn't work on BuddyPress activity


I am working with the Ultimate Facebook plugin, with BuddyPress and the Social theme. I have a problem with the Facebook Like Button on the BuddyPress activity page. This problem have occurred to me in the past, and was resolved when I refreshed my Facebook App secret API key.

I tried that again, it didn’t work. Trying a different Facebook App, also didn’t work. The like button works perfectly fine on the regular WordPress posts, it seems that the problem only occurs when trying to Like an activity.

I have attached a screenshot of the problem (like_error1.png). When clicking on the red error link (shown at the picture), this is the error message I’m getting: The page at could not be reached.

Trying to test the reachability of the page with Facebook’s debugger – returns the 200 Response Code.

I tried to investigate this over the web, and found that there was a Joomla plugin that also had this issue. I don’t know if this is related, but they have solved it by replacing spaces with ‘&nbsp’ .

(here is a link).

Please also take a look at last post on the subject, at the beginning of this page.