Links not working properly for users without a blog.

I have Pro Sites and am using the Edu Clean theme.

People can register as a user with or without creating a blog.

Everything works fine if a user registers and chooses to create a blog.

But when a user registers without a blog, then there are a view strange things happening for the user when they log in:

* the meta links will have a link to “Site Admin” although there is no site for the user to administer (not too bad, can live with that)

* In the login widget, there is a link to “Your Dashboard”, that link does not work, the URL is “wp-admin” without anything else (for a user with a site this will actually go to the full URL including the domain)

* There is also a link to “write a new post”, again that is not a proper URL, it goes to “http://wp-admin/post-new.php”

* The user can access his dashboard from the admin bar, and although I hid the primary and secondary WP feed using Ultimate Branding plugin, they do show, although they do not show for users with a blog.