List All Active Members

I am using the Membership plugin.

I am trying to create a page which list all members on the website. I am using Members-List plugin:

(This appears similar to the Members-Directory Plugin:

The problem is that Members-list is listing ALL users on the website – both active and inactive. The Membership plugin creates inactive members if someone doesn’t pay for their account or if the membership expires, etc.

I need to be able to list active members only. Has anyone found a solution for this?

How Membership Plugin Stores Active/Inactive information:

In the wp_usermeta database table, there are the following fields:

umeta_id, user_id (the id of the user), meta_key and meta_value.

For example,

INSERT INTO ‘wp_usermeta’ VALUES (10, 1, ‘wp_membership_active’, ‘yes’:wink:;

This would mean the admin user (user_id = 1) has a wp_membership_active status set to yes.

Before the Members List plugin displays the users, we need to check the wp_usermeta table to see if wp_membership_active is set to yes for each user. I am not an SQL expert so I could use some assistance/guidance here please.

Thanks for your help.