logo image confusing

Not really a fan of the logo upload “feature” in the Gallery theme. No idea what size logo I’m suppose to use. No documentation on this at either.

When I upload an image, say 207×207 then the cropping area is a rectangle about a third of the size, and only gives me a cut-out of the logo image. When I upload an image that I think is the size of the cropping rectangle (so that the whole logo shows) say 95×95, the cropped image becomes huge (400×375) and distorted and basically an enlarged version of a smaller image.

So what exactly is the logo image size supposed to be so I don’t have to crop it at all?

Also, a png with transparent background now displays black where it was transparent. If this is something that has to be addressed via css then you should state that.

Can you please help, I’m spending way more time on this than I should be, It’s just the logo.