Looking for an integrated, seamless user generated content video solution for wordpress multisite an

Hey all, I’ve been trying to figure this out for about a week, (going crazy), and that’s what a good solution is to a ‘seamless’ video management solution that could accommodate a large amount of user generated content on wordpress multisite/buddypress, and could do the following things:

1. A user could upload a video file in almost any format, and I want it to be encoded to play in HIGH QUALITY on every major kind of browser and smart phone, and other commonly used format.

2. Inserted easily into a blog post with no copying and pasting, simple to use, etc (so that my Grandma could do it after 30 seconds of explaining)

That’s basically it – sounds simple enough, I just can’t figure out how to do it. I don’t want to put the videos up on youtube, or anywhere else where I don’t control the content. Here’s what I’ve looked into:

1. Brightcove – badass, but ridiculous bandwidth costs

2. Viddler – the easiest to do, but I can’t change around the player styles, I have to use that stupid viddler player. Aside from that, I really like viddler, and thinking of using it regardless of my distaste for their stupid players.

3. Encoding.com can ‘watch’ a folder, upload and encode, and then deposite files via FTP into a CDN of choice, but I don’t know how to use it, etc. They have another service called http://vid.ly that does what I want if I had someone custom program a plugin, but kind of brush me off when I talk to them, and makes me a bit annoyed.

4. I called Sorensonmedia, quite good as well, better priced than brightcove, but still have a feeling like I’d be paying $20,000 for something I can have almost free in six months.

5. I saw Vzaar hosts the videos on this site, and am checking them out.

6. I was looking at kaltura and had no idea what the heck I was looking at.

Here’s the problem – I’m not really a tech guy ( in the sense that I know quite a lot less than a programmer about HOW this stuff works) I’m a marketer.

I essentially want a scalable solution that could accommodate 10,000 active users uploading videos every day (not because that would happen – just in case) and have an easy to use interface. My web videos right now with just my content do about 756 gigabytes of data transfer per month through amazon s3, but amazon s3 isn’t easy to use for an old lady, (no offense, I love you grandma) and I want this to be so easy to use that you can just login to your wordpress site, click upload, and bamb – all the transcoding/embedding/etc with a very easy to use interface.

I’m willing to hire someone to program something with an API and pay well for it, BUT I want a good solution that is scalable and will work for those specs.

Anyone with expertise on this who can guide me, have a phone conversation/program something/etc?


David Wood