Looking for ideas on how to handle RTMedia attachments in Apppresser view

Hi – we are using Apppresser to turn our buddypress site into an App. There is a known conflict with RT Media, in that when RT Media is activated, the ajax spinner doesn't work on the App – so we blocked RT media from the Apppresser Child theme we're using. Fine.

Here is the problem, and where I need ideas. When users post documents on the website – they are inaccessible on the App, because RTMedia is blocked, and the documents are stored in an RT Media folder (example path: https://healthcomspringboard.org/members/raj/media/documentname/ – that media folder is part of RTMedia).

Do you think there is a way to grant access to that RTMedia folder via a function on the apppresser child theme? I'm trying to figure out how to handle this – another ideas is to have a message pop up when a user clicks on the document that says 'documents can be viewed on website". Any ideas? Thanks!