Losing Paypal subscriptions?

Im not sure if I have this set up correctly. I have my Premium membership set as “serial” for 1 month. I am using the PayPal with single payments. Last month a few people signed up and I received the money. The last sign up shows March 20, 2012 in Paypal. Under recent transactions in Single Payments settings, it shows transactions with the date as 24-04-2012. It also doesnt show any of the older initial transactions from March 20th.

If they were suppossed to be billed again in 1 month, shouldn’t I see the transactions in Paypal for 20-04-12? The one member signed up on March 14, which I got payment. In Membership his user shows that he his still active on premium subscription and member level, set to expire on 2012-04-14 20:11 . Shouldnt the gateway have charged him again and updated the expiration to 2012-05-14? Then, if I go under Pending Transactions, there are 3 with no usernames, all for 24-04-12, and in “Noes” it says:

Last transaction is pending. Reason: Customer did not register or confirm his/her email yet

What does that mean? did they simply abandon the last step? Or do they really have to confirm an email? I didnt think that was required.

So, my questions are:

1)Why do the dates not match up for the billing cycle?

2)Why arent those transactions going through?

3)Why isn’t the gateway charging each month like its suppossed to?


****OK, i just saw this post from Barry..Untitled Link

I didnt realize single payments required the USERto manually repay each month. I dont want that, s if I change the Gateway to subscriptions will that mess up any current members?