Mailchimp Newsletter Integration – API Error – breaks Analytics 360 plugin

I’m using the latest versions of both the Mailchimp plugin and the Analytics 360 plugin (to display both my Google Analytics stats and Mailchimp stats in my WP dashboard)

I’ve had this setup for several months now with no issues. However, it appears Mailchimp changed their API keys to use a new datacenter (new API keys end in -us2 instead of -us1).

Anyway, with this new API key, I get the following error inside Analytics360:

Error: Invalid Mailchimp API Key: <<MY API KEY >>
You are accessing the wrong datacenter. Your client library may not properly
support our datacenter mapping scheme.

If I disable the WPMU Dev Mailchimp plugin, Analytics360 works fine and brings in the list of subscribers properly. If I re-enable the Mailchimp Newsletter Integration plugin, the error returns. Any ideas?