Mailchimp, RSS, CIMY extra fields and automated newsletters

First – I’m not a developer/don’t PHP (bar v v basic). Also I respect if this is not a suitable WP Dev question – just putting it out there in hope!

I have WPMU, Cimy extra fields, Autochimp.

User can select preferences in profile (let’s say A, B, C, D etc.)

Mailchimp reflects choices in it’s own fields.

So far, I can use Mailchimp to say ‘if pref A, send this email’. What i need is more ‘grouped matches’ – sort of like this:

WordPress categories are A, B, C, D, E, F

User preferences are B, C, E

So the RSS for categories B, C, E are aggregated and sent to user

So rather than one-to-one (if A, send cat A), I want multiple choice (check pref, collect all RSS and send as one email).

The user set the prefs, but an ‘admin’ will run the Mailchimp (or other plugin) once a month to send the emails. I want to avoid users getting 10 emails a month as they might from a std RSS feed.

Any ideas on how I might achieve this or if there’s a better plugin combo to do it?