Main Site Dashboard Redirects to a Multi-Domain subsite dashboard

Hello All,

On a WP 3.04 installation with WPMU domain mapping 3.0.4 and multi-domain 1.1 (v1.0.2 will not work at all and these issues began after installing and removing v1.0.2 whether or not that is relevant) plugins installed and about 10 multi-domains and 25 sites active, the site has been excessively slow in the dashboard (30 secs to 2 min) for admin pages to load, then suddenly after logging out of a multi-domain subsite, ( Super Admin is no longer able to log into the main site dashboard no matter what. Super Admin can log into other multi-domain site dashboards (veeeeeeeeerrrrryyyy slowy) but when attempting to switch to the main site dashboard, dashboard always appears or Super Admin never leaves the dashboard they are on.

Any idea what’s up?


Phil D