Making changes to column display on BP Daily

Hi! I’m using BP Daily Theme (with bp enabled) and want to make a couple of changes to the home page.

I’m using the column display, and right now each post shows up as follows:

-post title

– date and byline


-truncated text

-more button


-previous posts

I’d like to do the following:

– remove the previous posts that show up under the truncated post

– create a title bar of sorts (similar to the widget title bar) for each category (the one that determines which content shows up in which column position)

I have a feeling the first one will be fairly simple. How hard will the second task be?

Just to be clear, I’m attaching a screen shot. From the Theme Options, I have these columns displaying content based on the categories “Economic Growth & Trade”, “Environment” and “Humanitarian Assistance”

Would it be possible to create a title bar for each of these posts that looks like the widget title bar (in the screen shot, look at “Alliances” in the blue rectangle” I’d like to place that rectangle above the post title.

Then below the title keep things the same, ie byline, truncated text, but then end with the more button. Remove the categories and previous posts.

Hope that made sense!

Thanks for your help!