Many things to cover: mainly crawl errors, & buddypress problems

Please, if anyone can provide me with some steps to resolve these issues, I will be eternally grateful.

Crawl Errors: My recent visit to GWT produced 31 sitemap errors, 1,223 404 errors, and 11 unreachable errors. I discovered that a ton of non-existent pages are being crawled…..either they no longer exist OR the page url has changed because of changed permalink settings. UGHHHH!!!!! This is completely overwhelming and frustrating.

Buddypress: Apparently, Google is indexing ALL Buddypress Data: Activity, Groups, Members. I cannot tell you how many SPAM registrations I have had, yet those Spammers some how manage to get into my sitemap and get crawled. Also, I have no desire to have google or any other robot crawl my buddypress content. This content is restricted anyway. I only want google indexing my regular posts and pages. Buddypress really made a mess for me with regards to Google Indexing.

Duplicate Title Tags: They are everywhere because of buddypress and having changed permalink settings.

Sitemap: It appears that my sitemap is out-dated. Is there a way to refresh this? Is it normal that tags are pulled to the sitemap?

For now, I have deactivated buddypress. Almost immediately after doing so, I received an email that someone was trying to register on my site to make a book purchase. They cannot signup because the signup page is messed up :slight_frown: