Mapping FB data to user profile fields & "Display name as" setting

Hi guys,

Loving the Ultimate Facebook plugin, but I'm struggling to map user Facebook profile data to fields on the WordPress User's profile page. I want to pull and list the user's Facebook URL, but it doesn't seem to be pulling it across when they login/register.

-I've deleted the user and started from scratch.

-I've also tested mapping it into standard WP fields instead of the custom fields produced by my theme, but it still doesn't come across.

Are these additional fields I need to request in my Facebook App perhaps?

Is there a certain syntax I need to be using for customs fields other than just "fbm_facebook_profile" which is what the filed is labelled when inspecting the fields properties?

I'd also love to know how to default the "Display name publicly as" to "First Last" instead of "first_last".

Thank you in advance.