Marketpress CSV Import Tag Error

I’m using the CSV import function and it works well except for the tags import. The final import displays the leading ” and trailing ” on the beginning and ending tags entered. It should be stripping these quotes out.

Here’s a line from my csv import


Fischertechnik Spare Part – Building Block 30,Building Block 30,32879,0.76,,”””fischertechnik,spare parts,STEM product,K12 engineering”””,”””STEM Products and Kits,fischertechnik kits and parts,Spare Parts”””,0,,,,,0.02

The beginning and ending tags end up with a quote –> “fischertechnik and K12 engineering”

Category import works fine. I’ve reviewed several times and can’t seem to find an error in my csv. Bug? I have over three hundred of these to import so would prefer to not have to do them by hand.

Thanks for your help