MarketPress doesnt show register customer form after purchase


WordPress: 4.5.3

MarketPress: version 3.1


I hope everyone at WPMU dev is well. I have two issues:

1. The register customer form no longer shows which allows users to signup if they’ve selected “Continue as Guest” during the checkout process.

I did add some code to my themes functions.php file to remove the register customer form before:

add_filter( 'mp_checkout/sections_array', 'remove_register_step' );
function remove_register_step( $steps ) {
unset( $steps['login-register'] );

return $steps;

However, I have removed this code but MarketPress still hides the form.

2.The area “Register Account” in the Billing/Shipping section is confusing (see RegisterCustomer.png). Why is that there if we’ve initially choosen to “Continue as Guest” and a register customer form is already suppose to appear at the end of the checkout process?