Marketpress For German WordPress Site

Hi there guys, this is my first post here… :slight_smile:

I finally made the move and bought a membership at WPMU Dev – thanks for the pre-sale help guys :wink:

Ok here is what I am trying to do:

I want to open a shop using marketpress in german language (primary language) but with all products being translated into english and french as well.

My current hosts are Hostgator and Godaddy which I have used for years because of the ease to set up WP in one click using Fantastico and Hosting Connection (I always used the standard WP install in english – but this project now will be my very first german WP project), so my experience level is quite low when it comes to modifying code/languages/DB/Apache doing stuff manually etc…

1st question: Can I still use fantastico for a quick and easy WP set up or should I go ahead and download the complete german WordPress version here: and then manually install WP and the Database needed?

2nd question: Will I have to manually change code/language in the Marketpress plugin once I have it installed and if yes what is the fastest/noob-friendly way for me to do this?

3rd question: Can I use my Artisteer program to make my own theme or will I have to use a theme here? And which would be a recommended theme that is working well with marketpress?

4th question: I see there is already Euro currency support but will I run into issues using german payment gateways? I want to start out by using Paypal (german) but later I might want to install my 2CO account as well.

5th question: I saw the marketpress folder includes a mu-plugin, does this mean I have to make the wordpress site a multi-site to run marketpress properly?

6th question: Is it possible to have multiple languages for each product (german, english and french) ?

Sorry for the stupid questions but I just want to do things right from the start…

Thanks for taking the time to answer.


Toni :slight_smile: