MarketPress Global Products Showing on Multisite Sub Sites

Hey guys,

I am having a problem with MarketPress on sub-sites that is literally driving me crazy!

I currently have a Multisite Network activated and MarketPress is facilitating the ecommerce functionality. I am using the GridMarket Child Theme, and buddypress is also active.

I have successfully posted products from the main site, as well as all sub-sites. This is excellent!

The main domain is successfully displaying all new products as they are added by either the main or sub-sites using the Global Product Shortcode.

Main site:


Sub-sites have [mp_product_grid] added to the landing page, and it pulls products…

The issue is that for some reason, the [mp_product_grid] shortcode is showing products from ALL BLOGS. Where is this defined and how can I limit the shortcode to show ONLY the products that that specific admin uploaded?



I’ve found that the products that belong to the sub-site display an image with the listing and any products from other sites in the network have no thumbnail.

Project is waayyyy overdue and any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.