MARKETPRESS INTEGRATION: confirm appointment and add-to-cart button???

—> our logic explanation:

1 product post = 1 service provider

this website is about teachers to support school students

you search the teacher you need via the searchform in the sidebar

filtering with the courses you need, the grade and the district

(all these are custom taxonomies added to the product custom post type)

here’s a product post example (service provider post)

—> issue explanation:

We think that is very confusing to have two buttons

to make a reservation

step 1: you have to clic on “confirm appointment”

step 2: then the appointment is reserved and the add-to-cart button appears

step 3: then you have to clic en the add-to-cart button in order to make your purchase

validation #1: after step 2, the confirm-appoinment button should disappear.

when you hit this button again there’s a message prompt saying “this space has been already booked”

validation #2: after you clic on the add-to-cart button an animation shows and the you can read a message

saying “cart updated” (or something like that)

the problem here is, that you can continue clicking on the add-to-cart-button and

you’ll continue adding the same appointment as a product each time you clic on it.

this button should be blocked after one hit

or disappear

actually, the whole form should disappear and only appear again when you choose another date or time


I know its easier to code the integration this way,

but we’re trying to sell through the internet

it would be easier and less confusing for the user

to have only one button to confirm and add to cart the appointment

Thanks for the support