MarketPress – Inventory limit and variation on 1 product with different user rates



I signed up to use MarketPress. It’s my first time using it.

Could you please tell how to do the following:

1 product with 10 in stock

Sell for $100

Sell for $80 to student (don’t worry about verifying the student)

Pay deposit $50

Basically three prices to buy the same product (not really a variation in product but in price) and only 10 in stock. So each one added to the shopping cart would reduce the stock.

If I create them in product variations and set each one to 10 then 30 of them can be sold. Which is not what I want, there are only 10 of them. I can’t set them to a limit of something like 5,2, and 3 because I don’t know how many people will purchase with deposit or full.

If there is no way of doing this out of the box then I can give a go at recoding it myself. But do you have any suggestions on the best way? It needs to charge the lower price and reduce the stock count for the shopping cart.

Maybe using the discount code? Would that be the best way or is there another way? If you think the discount way would be the best way do you have any documentation or pointers on the discount code used in MarketPress?