Marketpress Missing List



I’m gonna try to identify thing´s that from my point of view are missing in Marketpress and that they shoul be a must. Ive bought and isntalled almost every shoppingcart in the market (starting from virtuemart, prestashop, WP e-commerce, and many others). run away from them for various reasons, but basically due to the lack of support and/or the imposibillity to change or suggest things, not even mentioning the fact that you have to pay for every step you make.

Here is myshort initial wishlist

1.- The fact that you have a separate theme makes it very dificult to combine your WP and Market styles. For example a new tab could appear into the Products theme settings.

2.- The lack of images to identify categories and subcategories. Selling via Internet is mainly a visual matter.

3.- Tha lack of certain widgets (recently added, On Sale, also bought, Related items, this are the basics….)

4.- A java drag and drop shoppingcart. Even this is not a must, main competitors of Marketpress have it already.

5.- The abillity to create manufactures and search products under such parameter.

6.- An otimized attributes interface.

7.- The posibilitty to ad custom input regions in the checkout process (for example I need to add a TAX number to include in Invoices).

8.- The posiblitty to introduce any product into a page or blog item, via tags or a banner system (Thats why we are using wordpress and not juts a common e-shop solution)

If I come with other stuff I’ll just add them further.

Market press should be focused to small entrepeneurs who don´t want the stress of confronting to a complex solution, just a flexible and easy tool to sell with.

Market press is still in Kindergarden as an e-shop plugin. But I’ll stick around with it, mainly due to the support I´ve found here. So let’s start making Marketpress a mature, easy, customizable, hazle free plugin.