Marketpress Product Images and Options

My client has a single leather beverage holder product and they desire multiple options on the product page so the customer can customize their beverage holder at the time of purchase.

These options include:

1) Leather Color (Timber Brown, Bison Brown, Red, Blue, Black)

2) Leather Color Refinements (lighter, distressed)

3) Preferred side of waist (right, left)

4) Rivet Style (silver @no additional price, others will incur incremental cost)

5) Button Snap Stype (silver @no additional price, others will incur incremental cost)

6) Lettering style choice (although their email is cryptic, I believe there are two)

7) Lettering color

8) And, as noted in this unresolved thread, they want to personalize the wording on each item in the cart. Link to thread:

Question 1

How do I add all these options to one product?

Question 2

How can a customer personalize EACH item in the cart?

Now that styling is finished, I’m also observing that there seems to be no way to upload multiple images for product thumbnails. Is this by design? Most shopping carts do permit multiple images for products that appear as thumbnails and popup when clicked for closer scrutiny.

My client wants to go live in two weeks from this post so these questions are urgent (to me). If there is no immediate solution and if detailed documentation is not available for writing these customizations, I will be forced to choose a non-WordPress Cart software that I know will do these things. I’d prefer to not go that route…