Marketpress/Framemarket upgrade and link customizations

After many hours of chasing down the right code to modify so I could style my site per my client’s tastes, an upgrade caused me to have to add even more CSS code to the Gridmarket custom.css file. That is only a slight headache but I would like to know that customization of styles using the custom.css is more durable.

Also, I have a very unusual thing happening and I really need to understand why … and what to fix too.

First of all, I’ve noticed that the upgrade does not add items to the top cart slider unless the page is refreshed. I consider this to be an error introduced with the latest release which is Marketpress v 2.3.1 because v 2.3 did this properly.

Next issue is this, I have an image button on the sidebar cart widget. This is the code that I’ve chased all over beegeezus to isolate and move into custom.css, by the way. :slight_smile:


When you first visit the page, the empty cart buttons says “browse products” and the image background is there on both the sidebar widget and the top slider cart. When you add a product, sidebar cart widget updates and the “empty cart” and “checkout” buttons images work as expected but, as noted earlier, the slider cart at the top of the page does not update items. Refreshing the page updates the top of page slider cart contents.

Emptying the cart problems:

An attempt to empty the cart using the button in the top slider sends the code into a tail spin with no indication of completion on the top slider but the sidebar widget cart is emptied immediately (and we’ll get back to that part of the problem). Refreshing the page shows that the top slider cart is empty.

Focus on sidebar cart widget now:

The appearance of the “browse products” button as well as “empty cart” and “checkout” buttons is what I want, up until the point that the cart is emptied from the sidebar widget cart. When that happens, the background image on the button goes away until the page is refreshed again. This is happening on v 2.3 also.

The demo site is up at (this is Marketpress v 2.3.1)

The ultimately live site (still with demo data) is up at (this is Marketpress v 2.3)

Thanks in advance for any answers that lead to a solution.