media file protection


I have a question regarding the media file protection of M2.

I have set up memberships, and assigned the memberships to protected content. This all seems to work fine. In the protected posts we have a video which should only be available for members. If anyone who is not a member tries to open these posts they get the ‘protected’ messsage… so far so good.

However, if you now the exact url to the video file in the post (, you can access the file even if you are not logged in. This means that members can copy the link of the file and save it for later (when they have unsubscribed), or can distribute the url on the internet and that the content (videos) are available to everyone without signing up for a membership.

I’ve tried to protect the media files with media protection add on, but when I do that the files aren’t accessible to members :slight_frown:

Can you check what’s happening and help us out? I have granted access to the site in question through the dashboard.