Membership 1.0

Well gang, drum roll please….

Please welcome into your hearts the big version 1.0 of the membership plugin.

Whilst the interface may look and operate in a similar manner to our beta and release candidate versions, we’ve performed a lot of intricate behind the scenes updates, added a whole lot of actions, hooks and filters, compartmentalised a lot of things to make customisation a lot easier, made it a lot more BuddyPress aware and theme styling “independent”.

What’s new in this version

Role based administration – you can now give any users you want administration access to the membership system – the default is just the admin user (see screenshot below).

Administration level rules – yes, you can now add rules that run on the administration side of the system – so now you can hide menus, favourite actions, dashboard widgets, blog creation and plugins – yes – you can limit the plugins a user on a particular level can see.

BuddyPress – we’ve made the plugin a lot more BuddyPress aware, you can now control the visibility of blogs and groups, control group creation and private messaging access as well as control access to the standard BuddyPress menus (note on some themes you will have to edit your theme header with our help function to hide non-accessible menu items – though the page itself will not display even if the menu item is visible).

BuddyPress signup and profile fields – if BuddyPress is detected the plugin will mirror the BP signup form, complete with extra profile fields.

More coming – we’re going to be adding a lot more rules and the much anticipated extra payment gateways over the next few weeks – these can be easily integrated into your membership system by simply copying the files in the membership plugins’ “plugins” directory.

Anyway – it can be grabbed from the usual location – there are no database changes with this version, so your existing rules / levels should transfer over correctly – do backup your database beforehand though please.

Updated documentation and instructions will follow this post. I’m also planning a series of blog posts with customisation tutorials – so if there is something you want to know, let us know.



Quick note: If you can’t see the membership admin menus then please check this post below: