[Membership 2] Incorrect expiration dates and out of sync Billing


I’m having an issue where multiple of our members have out-of-sync subscriptions. Let me explain: Let’s take user 345 (using ID’s for privacy purposes) who is subscribed to a monthly recurring membership. Since their membership is Active, their membership details on our site should show that the membership is active till the end of their current active period (till 2019-09-02). However, their membership details on our site show an expiration date 3 months in advance, giving them access to the account till 2019-11-28). Additionally, invoices for this user (which get paid via Stripe on the 17th each month) are also roughly 3 months out-of-sync. The last one was generated with a due date for the end of October.

And the above mentioned user is just one of many users with this issue. How can we get these users back in sync? Please help.

Since Panos is very familiar with our setup as he’s recently been helping fix various bugs with the Membership plugin, I’m enabling Support Access on the site specifically for him and request that he be the only one using the access to our website as this is a live site.