Membership 2 Pro redirect pages and M2P login work-arounds

I’ve recently asked for support for this plugin and found existing or new bugs at every turn. Just now I found a workable solution for yet another serious problem affecting the redirect after login, and logging in a protected page that didn’t recognize membership in IE 11.

In IE 11 when a user logs in via the M2P login dialog from a protected page, or logs in with another, separate login, the membership menu appears for the user, a message shows that the user is logged in as {name} and as soon as the user clicks on the membership menu, that disappears and the membership is not recognized. Try logging in (still in IE 11) from any other page, same thing happens. In other browsers FF or Chrome, logging in from a protected page also fails, but works from other pages.

When I finally turned off the Redirect addon in M2P, the logins work. I believe that in the Redirect addon the url cannot be explicit it has to be relative. But as I am not a tester for WPMU, I just turned it off.