Membership and ProSites; how's the integration coming?

I have read a lot of posts where users want to offer pro-sites as a service within Membership. I myself tried this some time ago with no success and finally gave up.

What I find interesting is that almost everyone is looking to accomplish almost the exact same thing which should seriously validate this as worthy of internal development.

I have read that WPMUdev is close to launching a solution for this and I’m wondering where we’re at in the process. (Because I’m about to try PMP since they have an addon plugin that is supposed to do this very thing.

I have always wanted to build my entire system and system of systems on this (wpmudevs) framework since so far, this is one of the best support systems and dedicated group of developers I have found on the net but the bottom line is there are just a few little issues I can’t seem to get integrated the way I need them and that’s about to come to a head for me and pretty much force me to find another solution if I can’t overcome them.

Don’t get me wrong, you guys are awesome! But between this and expressed intentions over six months ago that you were about to launch Affiliates as a mult-tier system and no progress there either, I’m left to wonder if it will be where I need it to be by the time I need to have it completed and in market.

Updates and guidance would be appreciated!