Membership and restricted pages not allowing my members to see anything!

I have a site, where I have used URL’s to try and allow my members to see certain levels of information. The idea is that every level is reflective of an e-learning course from my previous site. It may be that they need to see two or three of these courses.

To do this, I set up membership levels that reflect each course or combination of courses. I then grouped the URL’s for the content of each course in a specific URL group.

I then added the URL group as a positive rule on the memberships. I also added in the buddy press options.

My expectation from this, was that when I imported a member, they would be able to login to the front page, and then be able to have access to groups that were not private, other members, likes and other buddy press content as well as the pages with the URL’s I specified.

This is not the case, and everything appears to be blocked!

Am I missing something obvious?

My site is