Membership and Supporter Recurring payments.


I’ve been reviewing the Pro Sites (Supporter) thread and I need to better understand where Supporter and Membership are heading regarding fee processing so that I can get positioned to be ready. What Gateways will be common to both plugins or better yet to all wpmudev plugins?

1. For Pro Sites (Supporter) it seems PayPal Pro with some version of PayFow (Link Or Pro) will be required for the use of PayPal. Single payments are a thing of the past? PayFlow Pro and PayFlow Link are two different gateways, which one will be supported? If PayPal Pro with PayFlow is the entry fee for the use of PayPal then my guesstimate is about $100/month, $50-$100/year for SSL(much more with VeriSign), $30/mo for PayPal Pro, PayPal Flow LInk $180 setup and $20/Mo and PayFlow Pro $250 setup and $60/mo.

2. Will there be an alternative to the use of PayPal?

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