Membership Based Main Site and Access From Sub Sites


Hopefully this time around I am posting in the right place . . . sorry.

I’ve been reading the forum posts and I am hoping maybe there is a solution out there that will work for me.

Setting up a membership based web site. To help people market online. I would like the setup to be very similar to what you have going with wpmudev ( i understand that plugin you use is custom). However I hope Membership Plugin will allow me to setup the following scenario:

1- Desire for visitors to the main site to be able to surf around and see some content but not all the details, including training material that will be available to paying members only. Limited access in regular viewing mode and full access once paid member.

2- Part of being a paid member is to offer each paid member a sub-domain based web site. The plan is to create a master template site the multi site setup. That master template will be used for all the other sub-domain sites that are created for each individual paid member.

3- Does the membership plugin allow a complex sign up form that will allow us to collect specific details to help set up the sub-domain site either manually or if there is a way for it to be automated through wp multi-site or a plugin.

4- Once the paid member site is created, it would be nice for the paid member to have access to the main site training materials and their own sub-domain web site using a single username and password that is common to both sections.

5- What plugins do you recommend to be able to create a proper setup? Right now Membership Plugin and New Blog Plugin. The other plugin recommended was mp-blog-register.

6- would it be wiser to have two separate domains one as the main site with the membership training and the second to manage all the sub-domain sites. Is it possible to be able to use the same usernamesand passwords for both access points.

Once everthing is running each paid member will have access to their own blog site as an admin. The install will support a half a dozen plugins to make things workd for them, including SEO. I would like to however restrict the ability for some of the pages on the sub sites to be modified by any other then myself. To prevent changes to approved content on some of the pages. Is this possible and what would I need to do.

Thank you