Membership dashboard – total user count not accurate?

Is there any way for me to manipulate the total user count? As of this moment, I have a single ‘Free’ level with a single ‘Free’ subscription. All registered users are technically registered for both, so my Total User Count is actually twice what it should be.

For example:

1000 – Free Level

1000 – Free Subscription

2000 – Total Users

BUT the true total user number is only 1000.

Another issue is the membership plugin doesn’t take deleted accounts into consideration. I am working with BuddyPress so users have the ability to delete their own account. If someone creates an account and then deletes it, that account is still added to the total users count and to the membership dashboard graphs.

Shouldn’t the total user count match the user table number? Is there any way for me to modify this number? It’s a great plugin but I am just trying to improve user management in the backend.