Membership & Dashboard

My developer can’t see the plugin’s settings and you dashboard when he login to his account even if his role is administrator.

He has to develop our site but unless he login to my account he won’t be able to see the dashboard panel or even the settings for the plugins like membership. I don’t like for my developers to know my personal password and access.

We tried to deactiv and re-install the membership-plugin, re-installing it via FTP and through WPMU DEV and WP Plugin Upload in my account but when it gets activated, the previous settings and accounts we set up are still there. It doesn’t clear, so, we can start over again if we made some mistakes. What should we do to clear all our previous settings and files?

I also want to know in membership plugin if it is related to the user role of WP. I use a User Role plugin because I don’t want my developers to have access on the list of users or be able to delete anything on our site. However, in the settings of the membership plugin, I can’t add an administartor unless my developer is also an administator in my entire site. How can we set this up that the developers can have the access of the membership control panel but not the entire WP site?

NOTE: I already deactiveted the user role plugin in my site at in case it conflicts with membership but the result is the same.

my sites we are building are:

I hope you can assist us asap