Membership does not restrict access to plugins & widgets.

I’ve installed BP, Membership & Events onto a site with the intention of building a strong and secure site using a host of useful WPMU plugins. Unfortunately, I’m finding that membership does not provide an functional, consistant, or obvious protocol for restricting site-wide access to generic visitors.

The positive rule approach was not useful in narrowing the scope of access to BP pages, widgets, or Events since these pages/functions do not have representation within the Access Level editing pane for restrictions.

The URL Groups helped to restrict much of the dynamic BP pages, but after installing the Events plugin, I have new content that is accessible to visitors and am concerned that each new piece of content will require settings changes.

Seems like Membership is not a BP compatible plugin.

Seems like Membership is not compatible with other WPMU plugins.

Please Advise


Seems like Membership is poorly represented within the marketing scheme of the WPMU site.

As a new member, I’m disappointed with the interoperability of the WPMU plugins. Moving forward, I’d like to keep an open mind, but may have a difficult time holding on.