Membership locks "change avatar" feature y BP profiles

Hi guys, I’m using Membership on one of muy BuddyPress sites and something strange happens…

I have 2 levels of users, one free and one paid. If any user (no matter the membership level) tries to change the avatar of his/her profile:

1-If the user adjusts the part of the image he wants to show as avatar, membership takes the user to the “restricted content” page and doesn’t allow to change the avatar.

2-If the user DOESN’T move the thumbnail and just says “ok”, he CAN change the avatar image…

Sounds a little strange, but I’m not able to see the problem, as both users have access to all BP pages (i just lock 2 or 3 static pages and some shortcodes).

Any help will be great! Thanks for your time and regards from Spain!