Membership Negative Rules question

I have a site that teaches foreign languages through video. It’s located here:

Currently we have two languages: Spanish and Chinese.

I’m trying to use Negative rules to block access to whichever content the person is NOT subscribed to (i.e., if you’re subscribed to Spanish, it automatically filters out the Chinese content).

This isn’t working as intended. It *does* filter out the Study Groups for Chinese, but not the lessons.

When you click on “Lessons & Shows,” it shows you all the content. If you click on a Chinese show, it tells you that content is protected, but I want it to simply hide the content you’re not paying for.

I am posting all the lessons as Posts and I have separate Categories marked for each language. I have the Negative rules set to the Chinese category on the Spanish access level.

One more thing… I have a third access level which should allow access to ALL the content. I don’t know how to create a Negative rule for that.

If I need to clarify anything I’ve said here, please let me know.