Membership Plugin


I am working with WP3, BP1.2.4.1, and the membership plugin.

I have multiple levels setup, lets call them 1,2,3, and corresponding Groups for them, 1,2,3.

Membership Level 1 has negative rules checked to restrict access on Group2, and Group3. While this prevents them from accessing those groups, it still shows them these groups when clicking “All Groups” and also allows them to “Join Group”. After they join, they cannot access the group, but it does increase the count of the groups they are in. It does not list the group under “My Groups” however.

Is there a way to hide Group2 and Group3 from Member level 1, so that they can not see those groups? Or possibly hide the “Join Group” button from those member levels who are restricted from those groups?

Additionally, the Members Level 1 can see posts in Activities, even if they are published to Categories which they do not have access to.

I appreciate any help! Thank you.