Membership Plugin – Series of Questions

General Questions

*How much does the membership plugin cost for one year with updates and support? *We will be installing this for a client, and your FAQ states that each client will require their own membership, so we need to know how much they will be charged.

*With the membership plugin can items be purchased as single items / pages?

*Can we import csv files so we can use the existing member usernames and passwords?

*We would like to use eWay payment gateway (Ausralian payment gateway). Is there a way we can connect the software with eWay?

*We already have an account there and it would make things easier for us.

*We see “Paypal Express” listed. Do you have details about that service?

*How will the plugin features work in a mobile environment? We use Wootheme’s Canvas Theme ( that uses responsive design.

*How will the plugin integration work in that environment on smart phones, phones and tablets? Our client needs specific details about how the site will look in a mobile environment.

Locked content (premium content)

*Is it possible to have a visual queue (ie a lock icon) for premium content? Can this be implemented automatically for new locked content?

*Can we have a preview capability in our free area for locked items which prompts the user to subscribe as a member or buy the item?

*Can we decide about each item whether it’s:

– Free,

– For members only – decide level of membership

– Available as a single purchase (apart from a membership)

If yes, will the user have continued access to the single item purchase? Can we limit number of accesses for one item?