Membership plugin and adding form for an event registration


I need some help. We love your membership plugin however we need a way for members to register and pay for a yearly conference and get information through a form during registration which can be put in a database for printout/making name badges.

Currently our setup is the person registers for Membership through the WPMU DEV membership plugin (which registers them through the WordPress application and sends them to a PayPal gateway). After registration as a member, they have to come back to the site and select a link to PayPal to pay for the conference registration. And finally they have to fill out a form to capture the rest of the information we need.

I have been looking at other event plugins like Event Expresso due to their robust add ons like ticketing. However, I worry about the compatibility with the WPMU dev plugins we are using. After downloading your Events + plugin, I’m still not sure that I can add form capability to gather more information from the registrant.

Ideally we would love some kind of events registration which we can add some form fields and those fields can be connected to our Membership database. Then we want to print out that information in a spreadsheet and in name badges. I am a “light” developer but I have access to a few friends if I need to get their help. I’m just not sure where to start or the best roads to explore.

Thanks, Curtis