Membership Plugin – Banging My Head

Alright, either I’m the dumbest person on earth or something is seriously missing from the quick start guide. I successfully installed and configured the plugin. Tested it with pages and content, added users, issued invitations, everything was going great. Until…

How does a user log out. It isn’t with it isn’t with the wordpress metadata login/logout. I’ve tried that?

How does a returning user login? Where do they go? Seems like a step overlooked. Or I’m taking crazy pills.

The shortcode for registration worked, but neither [renewform] or [accountform]. And yes, I created a new page named Account and selected it in the options area.

So that is it so far. I spent hours trying to get online support that wasn’t available, then read every post I could find and everything else I thought would help. To no success. Please help. Thanks.