Membership plugin changing front page content

I've got the membership plugin installed and setup, and it's working correctly except for two strange issues.

1.) There is a tab area at the bottom of the homepage, and when I am logged in as the membership admin, I see the correct content in that tab area. When I log out, the membership plugin is replacing that content with "Sign Up Now!" and "My Account". The tab area is pulling content from pages that are selected in the theme settings area. If I add more pages, the tab area shows the protected content message in the tab area, even though the pages are not protected.

2.) When logged out, the membership plugin is also adding a slide to the slideshow for the "Sign Up Now!" page. The slideshow is pulling post content from a specific post category.

Attached are screenshots of the tab area when logged in and logged out.

How do I get the membership plugin to stop changing these content areas?