Membership plugin – don't seem to work properly

Hi, I have WP 3.2.1 & BP 1.5.1. Not Multisite.

I installed the plugin, activated it and configured one access level for strangers. I called it “Visitantes” and configured it to block one page (see snapshot) and one post categories for them. Then I created a page called “Contenido reservado” where to redirect unauthorized users. And then I configured the options as you can see in two more snapshots attached. Basically, I assigned strangers to “Visitantes”. Nothing else, no other access levels, no paid content, no subscription plans…

When I enable the pluggin, only I can access that page and see those posts. Not registered users cannot access them, so this is OK. But the problem is that, besides me, any other registered user cannot access them either. This includes one admin (same level as myself), authors and suscriptors.

Just in case, I have User Role Editor plugin activated, but have used it only to tweak rights for suscriptors and authors regarding events of Ajax Event Calendar plugin.

Thx for helping.