Membership Plugin integration with Paypal/New members

Background: Building a site that sells a digital service. Only a few different one-time purchase packages to choose from(no need for a shopping cart), but once there is a purchase, they need to become a member to have access to the support area.

Here is what I’d like to set-up, having trouble figuring it out:

New user visits site and wants to buy product.

Clicks PayPal buy-now button(could be on pricing table or wherever) and gets taken to paypal’s site to complete transaction.

Upon purchase, a paid-level user account is automatically created and customer receives email containing login details and other welcome information.

Also upon purchase from paypal site, customer gets redirected to thank you page.

Most of that is easy. What I’m struggling with is the automatic member/email generation. Do I set a hook in the paypal button so Membership creates a new paid-level user account(using paypal details), generates a password, and emails those details to the new customer when a purchase is made? I’m lost on this point.

Note:If there is a better solution to a PayPal Buy-It-Now button(such as embedding PayPal Adaptive Payments) I’m open to suggestions.