membership plugin is not working with some negative rules

Hi there,

I am using the latest version (3.3) of Membership plugin. I have installed the latest wordpress (3.4.2) and buddypress (1.6.1) versions and I have enabled the multisite.

I see that the membership plugin is not working correctly with negative rules.

For e.g. I have added few plugins in negative rules of “Fresher” level (see screenshot). So as per the documentation, it should not be visible to the blogs which are created by “Fresher” level’s users. But they are able to activate those plugins, and they are able to use those plugins which I have added in negative rules.

I am not sure what is the issue here. Are you working on this plugin with the latest versions of wordpress/buddypress or is it really an issue with the current version of plugin? I am not sure about this. So please help me out, I really need to resolve this out as soon as possible.