Membership Plugin: Issue With Subscriptions

I’m trying to get the Membership plugin up and running. I am thoroughly confused by how it all works but anyway… here’s my issue…

I setup 2 subscriptions..

1) Monthly – Serial – 30 days – $19 (why the heck can’t I make it $19.97??)

2) Yearly – Serial – 365 days – $190 (again, let me choose pennies!!)

Anyway… I also setup 2 payment gateways.. AIM and PP Express…

The subscriptions page is missing some stuff… it doesn’t show a price… and the AIM button is missing.. the only one there is PP.

Also.. when clicking on the Yearly subscription for PP I get: Invalid Regular period. You must specify valid values for the A3, P3, and T3 parameters for a subscription.

Very frustrated… please help!