Membership plugin RC3

Hi all

Finally I am happy to announce the (hopefully final) release candidate for the membership plugin.

This version has a *lot* of changes and updates, and introduces a ton of new hooks and filters for developers to extend and customise the operation of it. In fact, there are so many that this post would be far to long if I where to list them all here, so I shall just go over the more pertinent things and will expand later on.

Table names

The plugin should take care of the renaming of the tables it uses as part of the upgrade, but in case it doesn’t you should rename the tables as follows:

wp_membership_levels becomes wp_m_membership_levels

wp_membership_news becomes wp_m_membership_news

wp_membership_relationships becomes wp_m_membership_relationships

wp_membership_rules becomes wp_m_membership_rules

wp_subscription_transaction becomes wp_m_subscription_transaction

wp_subscriptions becomes wp_m_subscriptions

wp_subscriptions_levels becomes wp_m_subscriptions_levels

You get the format by now :slight_smile: The name change was due to a conflict with another plugin using the subscriptions table name, so the addition of the m_ prefix should keep us out of trouble from this point onwards.


I’ve added a “free” gateway to this version – which basically looks for subscriptions that don’t have prices assigned and allows users to sign up to them. This means that you can now have a free trial membership and a number of paid ones, etc.

Helper functions

More details on these in a later post / doc, but for theme and other plugins there are a few new functions that you can use to determine if a user is a member or on a particular level or subscription.

New rules

I’ve added some new rules for wp_nav menus and a capital P filter :slight_smile: as well as enhanced a few of the others.

404 override

This version will override the 404 page for non-logged in users with your no-access page, so make sure you put a message on that page that the content hasn’t been found because they are not members – remember that page is your main up-sell page for people that are following links to your site.


Lots more as well, including hopefully, a lot of bug fixes and issues resolved that we’ve been having with previous versions. Again, shout if I’ve missed anything or you find a problem.

The plugin is available from here: