Membership Plugin: This plugin makes no sense

I’m beginning to regret my membership here…

My needs are VERY simple for this plugin…

All members only content is in the sub categories of the “premium” category.

All free content is in the “general” category and it’s subcategories. I’m not even looking to create “teaser” content at this stage so shortcodes are out of the equation.

I want two subscriptions.. monthly $19.97 and yearly $199.99.

I want two payment gateways… AIM and PayPal Express

I want non logged in users to be able to look at a custom archives page (just titles) and upon clicking a title redirected to the no-access page.

I created users and granted them access to just the general category… but they still see the premium content.. but they get re-directed anyway from my “signup page”!! and sent right back to the no-access page.