Membership plugin white screen of death

I tried getting support in the live chat support and was referred here. this is an error message that I’m getting when trying to add a negative rule to the membership plugin to the visitor access level. its a negative rule for simply one page. im getting a white screen of death on this. i have a custom post type and used URL groups to protect all of the content there – and that worked really well the first time through. all im trying to do now is disallow access to a PAGE that has a form on it.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Membership_Model_Rule_URLGroups::validate_parent_negative() in F:Sitestacticalrabbit.com_dev439wp-contentpluginsmembershipclassesMembershipModelLevel.php on line 573

one other weird thing i noticed, when i drag and drop the order of the rules in the access levels, it will protect my URL group, but the page i have set to private is public and can be seen….sup with this?