Membership Profile Help


I am configuring membership site using the Membership plugin.

We need a few extra fields at registration so I’ve installed Buddypress to use the extended profiles.

The registration is working fine with the additional fields.

I have problem with the modify profile though – I used the shortcode [accountform] – however it’s not outputting any of the additional fields configured through buddypress for people to update. Is there any way of making these appear?

I checked out the default buddypress profile set-up but I’d rather just have all the options on 1 page for people to update, buddypress seems to have the information in separate sections

Also I upgraded the plugin to the to the 2.1.2 release from 2.0.7 – using the [renewform] shortcode no longer provides option to cancel subscription, it just says that the subscription is automatically set to renew. Is this normal or just a problem with our installation? If that is how it’s supposed to be how do we link to the option to cancel the service?